hi i'm doug
22, faggot, toronto
queer as fuck
my face - mi cara

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Anonymous asked: Also sucks to like someone who likes you back but he won't be with you because of silly conventions like "what will my friends think?" And also replace like with love. Powerfully. Like life-changing love that made you forget your life wasn't tv. But now he won't talk to you. Because you don't ever see yourself getting married. Or being with one person. Because you have a LOT of love to give. And there's no such thing as a certain amount of love. You love him as much as a person can love a person


i’m sorry but i’m not sure i’m following 

Moan in my mouth while I finger you.

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it sucks to like someone who’s never gonna like you back



"you gotta finger dis jawn"

i was thinking about this vine in my cinematography class today

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